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A firm, flat abdominal area looks attractive in fitted clothing and swimsuits. After pregnancy or significant weight loss, many adults end up with a tummy bulge and stretched, wrinkled abdominal skin. The experienced plastic surgeons at Calobrace & Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery Center offer an effective solution: tummy tuck surgery in Lexington and Louisville, KY. This popular procedure is a remarkably effective way to re-contour the stomach area for a better look and increased comfort.

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Improvements From a Tummy Tuck

Model ImageOur surgeons see a wide range of women and men in Lexington and Louisville who are good candidates for a tummy tuck, including women whose bodies have not been able to fully "bounce back" after pregnancy and men who are looking to trim down a "beer gut" or "spare tire." Each year, Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana M. Mizuguchi perform dozens of tummy tuck procedures to help patients who want to achieve a flat, smooth stomach appearance by:

  • Smoothing and tightening loose skin
  • Contouring the waist
  • Repairing stretched and separated abdominal muscles, if necessary

Our surgeons often combine tummy tuck surgery with liposuction to contour the abdominal area more completely or address other trouble spots such as the thighs or upper back.

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About the Tummy Tuck Procedure

The tummy tuck procedure itself lasts 2 to 4 hours and is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia. Depending on the level of correction needed, the incision may be short (mini-abdominoplasty), or may extend along the lower abdomen (full abdominoplasty). Through the incision the surgeon removes excess fat and skin, and tightens the underlying abdominal muscles.

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What to Expect During Recovery

After a tummy tuck, patients usually experience temporary pain, swelling, and numbness in the area. Discomfort is well controlled for most people with a few days of prescription pain medication.

Fading and flattening of the scars takes 3 months to 2 years depending on a person's skin type and the care they take during recovery. Risks include blood clots, infection, conspicuous scarring, or skin loss. Minor revisions also may be required.

Return to Work

Tummy tuck patients return to work in about 2 weeks, though strenuous activity will need to be limited for 4 to 6 weeks or more.


For most of our tummy tuck patients, results are considered permanent; although, subsequent pregnancy or significant weight gain will likely stretch the skin again.

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