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Breast Augmentation: Tips for Friends and Family

If you have a friend or family member who has chosen to have breast augmentation surgery in Lexington, you should know that she’s going to need support, and I’m not just talking about a new bra (although, she’ll need that, too)! This is likely a decision she’s been pondering for quite some time, and one that she’d like her loved ones to understand — and stand behind. Here are a few things you can do or say to be a helpful part of her journey: “I support your decision” or “I’m happy for you.” These are important words for any breast augmentation … Continue reading

Stacking Treatments: Finding the Right Balance

Patients visiting our medical day spa in Lexington rarely walk in the door with just one cosmetic hope. Often, a consultation for facial laser treatments, for example, leads to a conversation about anti-aging and BOTOX® Cosmetic. It is so common that the practice of combining treatments has evolved into a growing anti-aging and skin care trend. Our staff strives to work with our clientele to strike a good balance between targeting treatable skin conditions and improving an otherwise healthy complexion with injectables and innovative new skin care products. Here’s an example of a combined treatment plan: Cutera® Excel V Laser: We’re … Continue reading

Breast Augmentation: Your Embarrassing Questions Answered

If you’re considering breast augmentation in Louisville, and you’re doing your research (and I hope you are), you likely have come across answers to a number of frequently asked questions, including those about implant type, size, and incision location. But there are some questions you just may feel too embarrassed to ask. Here’s a few that have come up in my nearly 2 decades in private practice: I take diet pills. Will this be a problem? Before breast augmentation, you’ll need to discontinue use of all diet pills, whether they are prescription, over-the-counter, or herbal. Many can interfere with anesthesia and … Continue reading

The ABCs of Plastic Surgery in Louisville for Moms

Mother’s Day has special meaning to me because many of the women I meet who are searching for plastic surgeons  in Louisville happen to be moms — and awesome moms at that. We’ve met because they reached a point in their lives where they wanted to take a little time out for themselves to rejuvenate their appearance. It’s always an exciting journey to take together because I learn so much about the person along the way, and I also often get to meet their beautiful families. Here are some of the top procedures and services we offer to our clients … Continue reading

Enhancing the appearance of your vagina

enhancing the appearance of your vagina I have seen an increased interest in labiaplasty to improve the appearance and comfort of the vaginal area in my cosmetic surgery practice. In my previous blog I discussed the basic labial reduction surgery where the large labia minora is reduced in size in a natural way. Women have been extremely happy with their results. I currently offer other procedures to improve the appearance of the vaginal area.

I have made some modifications in my labiaplasty procedure. Despite wide reduction of the labia minora, the outer edge still can have some redundant tissue. I currently simply resect the redundant labia tissue at the edge and scars are not seen. I have also made the entrance of the vagina appear more natural by maintain the existing sling like structure.

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