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Saline & Silicone: What’s the Difference, Anyway?

It’s one of the biggest decisions many breast augmentation patients at our Louisville, Kentucky practice face: “Should I choose saline or silicone?” To help frame the decision and get to the answer that’s right for you, I always try to offer the same guidelines. Both Are Very Safe Patients often come in with a preconceived notion that silicone implants are somehow a “riskier” move in terms of their future health. That’s simply not true. My best guess is that this mindset comes from controversies over breast implants in the late 1970s and 1980s, but a lot has changed since then. … Continue reading

A Custom Experience For Every Patient

I’ve heard it time and time again from friends, patients, and acquaintances alike: “I just don’t like going to see doctors.” As a plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic treatments like breast augmentation in Lexington and Louisville, KY, I take this as an exciting opportunity to change people’s impressions and show them just how pleasant a consultation with a doctor can truly be. Our practice strives to create a private, serene, relaxing, and safe environment for every patient, from the minute they schedule a consultation to their last follow-up appointment with us and beyond. If you’re considering a consultation with Dr. Mizuguchi … Continue reading

5 Factors That Influence Breast Augmentation Cost

As a plastic surgeon, one of my most important roles is providing honest, transparent information to all of my patients. Questions often come up about the procedures they’re interested in, the technology I use, or the costs associated with them, and part of my job is providing thorough answers to put my patients at ease. A question I’m almost always asked during a patient’s first breast augmentation consultation at our practices in Louisville and Lexington, KY: “How much does it cost?” While cost is always relative to the patient, I understand that part of the concern is getting a good value, … Continue reading

How Plastic Surgery Can Help More Than Your Appearance

Traditionally, plastic surgery treatments have been thought of solely as procedures to improve a person’s appearance or make them look younger. Though this is often the case, there are a few procedures that go beyond appearances, helping people deal with significant physical conditions while also giving them a self-confidence boost. Here are 3 popular plastic surgery treatments I offer in Louisville, KY that have added benefits. 1.      Breast Reduction or Lift Breast reduction procedures remove extra breast tissue, reducing the weight of the patient’s breasts and alleviating a number of other problems, such as bra straps digging into skin and … Continue reading

Can Breast Implants Really Feel Natural?

“I want to look natural.” That’s one of the most common requests I hear during consultations with my breast augmentation patients at our practice in Louisville and Lexington, KY. Patient wants their breasts to look larger, fuller, more feminine, or perkier, but not fake. To put my patients at ease that my goal is always to produce a beautiful result that suits their frame, I walk them through a list of factors that ultimately affect how subtle or dramatic their outcome will be. Together, we discuss their priorities, then I make my recommendation to create the results they desire. Here … Continue reading

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