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Join Us for Our Upcoming Open House!

It’s already nearly time for our annual open house, and we’re excited to celebrate. With special demonstrations, great deals on your favorite services, and mini-consultations with our staff, this open house is sure to be one of our most memorable. Dr. Mizuguchi and I are committed to being some of the most transparent plastic surgeons in Louisville, KY and beyond. That’s why we are pleased to swing open our doors once again to let you peek at how things work behind the scenes at our practice. Here’s a preview of what you can expect at the event, which is Nov. 6 … Continue reading

The Benefits of Choosing a ‘Top Doc’

This year, my colleague Dr. Bradley Calobrace and I were named as “Top Docs” among Louisville and Lexington plastic surgery specialists in 2 separate regional publications. In the July issue of TOPS in Lexington, our practice is profiled alongside some of the most well-known names in Central Kentucky medicine. In the August issue of Louisville Magazine, we were both listed as “Top Surgeons” in the magazine’s annual list. Our placement in Louisville Magazine is notable because we were nominated by fellow Louisville physicians — a tremendous honor! If you’ve been researching plastic surgeons, you know that evaluating credentials can be … Continue reading

Performing Breast Augmentation for My Peers

On Sept. 5, I had the privilege of participating in the Sientra® Breast Implant Preceptorship. Sientra, one of the leading breast implant manufacturers in the country, pioneered the development of high-strength cohesive silicone gel implants, which have seen a massive rise in popularity for breast augmentation surgeries at my Louisville practice and around the nation. The implants feature a technology called TRUE Texture®, which is a shell texturing method that supports tissue in-growth to help keep implants in place and prevent complications such as capsular contracture. The preceptorship, which allowed me to perform live surgeries for 11 other plastic surgeons … Continue reading

SAFELipo®: More Than Just Liposuction

Liposuction techniques are constantly evolving to better serve patients, and at our Louisville plastic surgery practice, we’re happy to offer SAFELipo, one of the newest and most innovative versions of this procedure. Dr. Calobrace and I were recently voted as “Top Docs” for liposuction by Louisville Magazine, and SAFELipo is one of the reasons why. The “safe” in SAFELipo actually represents the 3 steps of the procedure: Separation: The first step of the procedure involves separating and breaking apart fat using a specialized tool called a basket cannula. Fat that is loosened and separated makes it easier to extract, resulting … Continue reading

Are Round or Anatomical Breast Implants Best?

At our practice, breast augmentation patients from around Louisville, Lexington, and other Kentucky cities are always asking for the best — the best size, the best material, the best incision. While I appreciate the high standards of my patients, I’m quick to remind them that, like in other areas of plastic surgery, “best” is a relative term depending on each individual’s body and goals. The same goes for implant shapes. If you’ve been researching breast implants, you probably already have a good idea of the numerous choices available to you, including implant shape. Both saline and silicone implants are available in … Continue reading

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